If you only seek the best!

I’m Veroniica – a warm, confident, and sensual women who radiates a youthful exuberance alongside a cultivated maturity.

Though I have a professional background, I’ve always been drawn to the excitement of the unconventional (I’m sure you can relate?) I adore moments that get my heart racing, and this is my new adventure…

There is no carefully crafted story here. I”m unapologetically myself. What you see is what you get – an uninhibited woman in her prime who knows what she wants and understands relationships, sexuality, and discretion.

As a true woman of calibre, I provide an intimately attuned and discreet experience to only a select number of gentlemen (quality over quantity, always). I won’t just be your companion – I’ll be a trusted close confidante, an empathetic ear, a warm embrace, a breath of fresh air, a new adventure.

Are you ready for a heart-pounding new adventure?

Take my hand.

Welcome to a world where your fantasy becomes your reality.

How hot does your desire burn? Enough for you to come for an intense ride with your insatiable gym instructor?

Gentlemen hold onto your pulse because we are going to turn up the heat with April Evans.

This minx as your very own personal trainer will give you a one on one session that will bring your body to the next level. Embrace yourself within the warmth of her body as she moves within the same beat as you.

Feel the blood rushing, desire and hunger building, and the intensity growing stronger. April has unfathomable energy, skin radiating with pheromones and a sweet aroma that will send you across the line achieving goals you only ever dreamed of till now.

You determine the rhythm and tempo of this encounter. We are not just talking BPM’s here, let’s explore your burning desires on another level.

Will you take your time and savour every last drop of essence this beauty has to offer, stretching out the session beyond an hour or two? Or a cheeky affair in between meetings and errands for the day? Sometimes just a quick workout is enough to keep you just on the brink of satisfaction clearing your body and mind till the build-up sends you over the edge hungry for more.

Yes Gentlemen, April Evans here your next explosive addiction.

You will never feel more comfortable when you unwind with me a quintessential Aussie girlfriend with that old-fashioned polite magic and value toward time spent in an intimate twine of sensuality and passion.

Feeling like we have all the time in the world only to find proven once again that time always flies when you’re having fun. Let’s escape the daily grind relishing in your fantasy for today leaving everything else behind.


Please contact me personally for my service list.

Safe sex is practiced at all times.

I’m Ellie Chase, and I’m so glad you’re here.

I can picture you waiting patiently for me in the restaurant of the hotel lobby. You have a drink in one hand and the other is pressed into your thigh as you try to control the fervid excitement pulsing through your body.

I’m just as eager, yet I approach your table with the calm and poised demeanor that I’m known to possess. As we lock eyes, the chemistry is instantaneous – and as I sit down, we give each other a flirtatious, yet knowing smile. Finally, it’s just the two of us.

It might have been my long, toned legs and perfectly perky butt that caught your attention – my background in competitive gymnastics and dance that sculpted my body into it’s healthy, slim silhouette. Perhaps it was the promise of my staggering green eyes and soft, olive skin that had you curious. Now that I’m in your presence, you realise it’s not just one feature that captivated you – it’s the trifecta.

I’m equal parts beauty, brains, and benevolence. Adored for my natural physical attributes and intellect, and revered for my warmth and kindness. I live every moment with the intention to show tenderness, making your happiness my priority. Each moment you experience with me will be genuine, and authentic.

As we get to know each other you will find that I am both sensual, and studious. With two university degrees and a love of learning, our banter will be playful, endearing and intriguing. Conversation will be our first taste of foreplay – with intellect and wit building the sexual tension between us.

When we’re ready to retreat to the bedroom, you’ll find that I love to tease, and be teased. Our time together will be electric – leaving you completely satisfied yet still craving more. While I love giving you all my attention, I’m always in the mood to explore your adventurous side – I’m a true bisexual with many astounding friends who would love to join us.

I’ve always found it difficult to capture who I am in a short bio. To me, connection happens face-to-face – that’s when the sparks fly, and the actual fun begins.

So, let’s get real: I’m the type of woman you can really relax and have fun with.

A mix of naughty and nice – a warm, sweet nature with hints of cheeky flirtation, a fiery sexual energy, and mischievous smiles. My down-to-earth will help your nerves to naturally melt away after the initial electricity of anticipation. And that’s when things can get a little wild, if you know what I mean.

I find it challenging to be anything but my authentic self. When we are together, you get the real me. No over-the-top performances or concocted phony personalities. Just me. I don’t hold back. I know what I want, and I probably know what you want too (and I’m not afraid to give it to you).

And you? I’m guessing you seek warm conversation and easy-going companionship with a healthy dash of depravity.


Please, get in touch.

Hi friends, my name is Alice. I’m an easygoing sweetheart with a penchant for corny jokes and walking around naked.

If you’re anything like me, you value that ‘click’. You look for that easy feeling of mutual respect and understanding, usually reserved for old lovers or friends. You see value in letting our time unfold organically and aren’t afraid to laugh or tell me that my jokes are terrible. You’re turned on by people who are nice to those employed within the service industry because you’ve been there before and haven’t forgotten where your path began.

I am fiercely loyal to the notion that everyone deserves to experience intimacy, regardless of their age, gender or race. Perhaps you need a moment of refuge and affection. Perhaps you need companionship and prefer lingering moments of meaningful connection above a brief interlude. I believe that there is a place for every kind of encounter, and that the most memorable experiences stem from honest communication without judgement or rigid expectations.

I’m educated to a postgraduate level and have ventured back for more, whilst dabbling in investing and plant-parenting on the side. Although quiet moments are hard to come by, they mean the most when spent in treasured company. Whether we kick off our shoes and share a beer on the couch or get a little fancy at a fine dining restaurant, I would just be happy to be spending time with you.

In this world of beautiful and courageous people, it can be a challenge to not join the ranks of those who show their faces. I am limited by discretion and conservative future job prospects, but hope that my website and social media feeds afford a deeper look into my personality where my discreet photography cannot. If neither take your fancy, animal lovers might delight in (or cringe at) my cat (Pinot)’s twitter feed.

This space has afforded me some beautiful moments with equally beautiful people from all walks of life, for which I am deeply grateful. I owe some of my greatest achievements, travels and memories to these people, whose kindness helped to make these things happen. Over time I have come to realise that these connections are exciting, inspiring and often life-changing – on both sides of the envelope.

Ultimately, I believe in three things: fun without judgement, honest communication and great sex. I hope that my candour puts your mind at ease, and encourages you to be yourself with the knowledge that you are safe with me.

I look forward to meeting you,

Welcome, discerning gentleman.

I’m Vlorentijn, a charming mix of Dutch and Indonesian heritage. The best of both worlds, I am petite and busty with an hourglass figure and curves in all the right places. I’m innocent and mischievous, knowing when to be naughty and when to be nice. I’m sincere and sexy, with soft, alluring skin and a sweet smile. Read on if you’d like to get to know me better…

I value authenticity, and always endeavour to establish genuine connections. I believe this to be the foundation of forming sincere sexual relationships. I’m empathetic, and love to share intimate moments with people. Ideally, I want to learn all about you and engage in meaningful, flirtatious conversation over a dinner date. I appreciate that every encounter is unique and sometimes it can take time to build trust – because of this I am open to exploring exclusive arrangements. If time is of the essence, I’m always excited for a fervent rendezvous.

I have always admired the work of courtesans. The sexual tension that is expertly built and released by the art of temptation, seduction and pleasure. I adore intellectual and sexual energy; stimulating conversations, enmeshed with mind-bending sex. Our date is as much my fantasy as it is yours.

There is a dynamic element to my personality; my romantic side is soft and sensual, while my experiential side is explorative and intimate. These qualities make me a kind and curious person; adventurous, open-minded and compassionate.

I have always advocated deeply for the things I am passionate about, and if you get to know me this is something you will learn. Because of my multi-cultural heritage and upbringing, I pass no judgement on people. I am open and ready to embrace every little detail you wish to share with me. Whatever the topic, if you are sharing yourself authentically – I’m interested. Do you want to share your fantasies, deepest sexual desires, your ambitions or your fears? Did you have a stressful day at work, or can’t stop thinking about something you read? With me, the conversation will flow effortlessly, no matter the subject.

There’s nothing I anticipate more than our date. Let’s explore together and enjoy each other. If I have piqued your interest, send me a polite and thorough booking request. I look forward to hearing from you.

I’m Sarah, Emirate’s one and only mature curvy woman, Yes that’s right a woman not a girl who knows how to pleasure a man with my feminine energy and sexuality along with my charismatic personality.

I’m experienced in my craft with exceptional skills along with being very multifaceted, But please be aware I can be addictive!

Wish to know more about me and what I have to offer visit my website and the Sarah Black Experience.

Any age welcome as long as you’re over 18 respectful and willing to follow my simple guidelines in my booking process.

Please send a message to my number I don’t bite 😉 I love working out and travelling. Science and business student with the focus on innovation and tech as a personal preference. I want to make the world a better place one day. Wanna help? 😉

I have been described as the perfect concoction of cute and sexy. When we meet, my genuine affection will melt away your nerves. But beneath my sweet and demure demeanour, I have a sensual energy that can’t be ignored. The compliments I receive most are of my crystal-clear blue eyes, long brunette locks, and petite feminine figure complete with perfect all-natural curves. Although my tiny waist, natural perfect C cup breasts and plumb bum receive a lot of attention, my all natural eye catching facial features from my French background are the most admired.I live a healthy and active lifestyle and love spending my free time at the gym, Pilates, swimming, hiking or playing tennis. But let’s be real, there is so much more than just the physical…

More than anything, I’m the type of girl you can really relax with. With roots in the Dubai, United Arab Emirates and the south of France, my personality is relaxed but refined. To me, exciting conversations and shared laughter is the ultimate aphrodisiac. My endless curiosity and genuine interest in others makes me an exceptional conversation partner and dinner date. I carry myself with elegance and sophistication and love getting dressed up for a fun night out just as much as a purely physical rendezvous. And if you’re looking for a confidante to explore the world with, I’d absolutely love to join you. I love travelling UAE and internationally, as you can see from my tour schedule and Twitter.

Are you looking to spend your time with someone special?

Look no further. I am tall and dazzling with curves for days and a cheeky smile to match. I am feminine, intelligent and engaging. Don’t let my down to earth nature fool you – I am a sexual being who will seduce your body and satisfy your every desire. From the bedroom to the dinner table, i have the qualities to make you ache for more.

I present as a gorgeous woman with natural charms and a girl next door demeanour, but the naughty twinkle in my eye says otherwise. I would describe myself as sensual, passionate, and full of desire. From tanned skin to manicured feet, I am ready to take you on an adventure that you won’t forget. What is it they say? A lady in the streets…

You can be assured that our time together is not restricted to the bedroom. My personality is easy-going, friendly, and full of warmth. People that meet me will tell you they feel instantly at ease, like they’ve known me for years. I have a variety of hobbies and interests and I love meeting new people and talking for hours about anything from music to the meaning of life! I enjoy the lighter side of life and love to laugh. I am more than just a lover – I am a companion, a confidante, an evening of smiles and laughs.

I love what I do and my genuine nature will impress and surprise you. I am tall with delicious curves in all the right places, soft tanned skin that longs to be touched, and alluring eyes that will reel you in. I take pride in my appearance, and always dress to impress – soft makeup, long legs to wrap around you, and elegant heels to match.

Let yourself be pampered. Let yourself be looked after by a beautiful woman who will make you feel satisfied and relaxed. I look forward to meeting you and await your text…

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